Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SWATCH CreArt event in NYC

From SWATCH CreArt event in NYC at new hotspot Avenue. Adrienne Bailon of 3LW/Cheetah Girls fame sportin the new Billy the Artist watches, Afterdark and Morning Glow.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swatch's Billy In Action CreArt Collection

Peep out the this fly merchandise and announcement, Brought you by the good people @ Swatch...

"Young Hollywood is abuzz with Swatch, as seen on Twilight star Kristen Stewart
on the cover of Nylon. The Swiss timepiece company has just launched the new
Full Blooded line. This metal and crystal watch is now available in an array of
fun and bold colors like Red, Dark Blue, Green, and Brown in addition to the
classic Gold, Silver, and Black. For just $150 this Swiss timepiece brings
Hollywood glitz to your wrist


Street art has long since been inspiration for jewelry. Swatch is proud to
unveil a new partnership with well known street artist Billy the Artist as part
of its CreArt Collection, which launches in Venice with a spectacular show on
the Piazza San Marco on June 30. Check out this great video of Billy in action
and I'll keep you posted on the details.

I'll have images of the new watch next week. In the meantime,
here's a teaser video.

Billy the Artist in action

Think you have what it takes to be a style maven? Check out the
What to Wear Game on facebook. Create hot looks with hair,
fashion, and accessories and have your avatar compete against
Follow Swatch on twitter ( and join the
facebook group ( for news, photos, and

And on that note... I'm out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"On The Beat"- Marco Polo

Marco Polo breaks down his non, but very dope "method of madness."

And on that note... I'm out.

"What If There Was No N*#$!@, Only Master Teachers?"

One of my favorite tracks from New Amerykah. Live from LA With Sa-Ra On Backup vocals and instruments.

(Props To

And on that note... I'm out.

Double Trouble

When The Legendary & M. Def get together, it's always fresh (as reference to the title of this post). Here they are on Jimmy Fallon performing the single Casa Bey from Mos' new (and very dope) LP The Ecstatic.

And related news, The Roots have pushed back their latest LP, How I Got Over To October. It's all good in that a Roots album is always worth the wait. Especially since they never come wack.

And on that note... I'm out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Duck Down "Goes In" @ The Park

The Duck Down fam take it back to essence with a Cipher live from Union Square in NY. Get your mouse ready, because there is some "rewind material" in this clip.

And on that note... I'm out.

Stones Throw Report

Aside from contributing heavily to Mos' new LP (Madlib, Oh No, Georgia Anne Muldrow and J. Dilla all placed beats on the record), the grind never stops for the ever-growing L.A indie label.

Just released from the vaults is a joint Guilty Simpson recorded with Dilla while working on his debut LP back in 2004/2005. As of right now, it is possible to cop this single on white-label vinyl.
Guilty Simpson- Stressed (Produced By J. Dilla)
(Props To

What is now official is the much talked about and anticipated album from Random Axe. A trio consist of Guilty, Black Milk, And Sean Price. In this video, Sean P signs his contract for the protect to be released on Duck Down Records.

As evident from their calbo from Guilty's Ode To The Ghetto (The song that plays at the end of this video entitled "Run"), this album is going to be nasty. Look for my interview with Black & Guilty (as well with fellow Stones Throw artists Percee P and Jersey's Pacewon And Mr. Green) coming in another couple of days.
(Sidenote- Did he just say he signed for 20 ALBUMS with Duck Down??!?! Did I hear that right?)

And on that note... I'm out.

Blackstar Still Shining

I think Mos just earned my $10 with this one...
Mos Def- History (feat. Talib Kweli) (Produced By J. Dilla) (Download Link)

The Estatic Drops this Tuesday!!!

And on that note... I'm out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Return Of The Renegades

Man, I need to draw up a press pass for E3 next year, because aside from the dope new games, this is the type of shit I missed. In case you have not heard, Activision is giving Hip-Hop the "Guitar Hero" treatment with DJ Hero (sub the guitar with turntables and that's what this game is). The game is going to featuring not only well known joints, but as well as unreleased records from a variety of artists, including these two. This was from the World Famous Wiltern Theatre In Downtown L.A.
Jay-Z & Eminem- Renegade (Live From The DJ Hero Showcase)

(Props To Rap Radar and Hip-HopDX.Com)

And on that note... I'm out.

"I Wish I Could Buy Me A Spaceship And Fly..."

This brings back high school memories. The perfect anthem for the 9-5 worker. Previously unreleased, this was let out of the G.O.O.D Music vaults today.

And on that note... I'm out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Is It... Can It Be....

The beat in back= Shit Popped Off featuring T.I From Detox. Yes, I said Detox. With Dre sonically sound his best in a long time (since Busta's The Big Bang and Snoop's The Blue Carpet Treatment to be exact. Imagine anyone?) with Relapse and the recent leaks from 50's Before I Self Destruct, my faith is slowly but surely being restored in this LP actually seeing the light of day (and the beauty of the night when baring it on a weekend night). Sidenote- This is the first time I seen Dr. Dre in front of turntables in aggggggggees!!!!!

But then I found this (good looking to the homie Troy from The A)
Dr. Dre feat. T.I- Shit Popped Off
But I willing to bet this a rough draft like Crack A Bottle With T.I doing Dre's verse.

Man... this shit knocks... Maybe there's hope (c) DJ Jazzy Jeff

And On That Note... I'm out.

Two's Company

In case you have not been watching the NBA Playoffs and have not seen these yet. This has to be, imho, one of nike's funniest or maybe funniest ad campaign.

"Lebron, Have You Seen My 3 Championship Rings?"

"Get Excited!!! The Chosen One Baby!!! The Playoffs Baby!!!"

"How Do You Stop The Unstoppable?"

Oh... and a throwback for the homie @ Get Your Own (I See You P)

And if I'm going to show that, I gotta show this (Yep, Yep)....

And On That Note... I'm out.

And On That Note... I'm out.